Dallas Stars Daily Links: P.K. Subban and the Montreal Canadiens Take a 2-1 Series Lead Over the Boston Bruins

In which I write about an Eastern Conference playoff series again, the Blackhawks and Wild almost combine for 40 shots in a single game, and the Flying V could have been just what the Stars powerplay needed...

Shutouts for streaky goaltenders seem to be all the rage these days, as Ilya Bryzgalov follows Marc-Andre Fleury's lead in keeping his net nice and tidy throughout the full 60 minutes of an NHL playoff game. Raise your hand if you called that!

*David sheepishly looks around, and then puts his hand down*

Obviously though, that video montage of Bryzy's finest interview moments in yesterday's Links was the boost the Minnesota Wild needed. And yes, I'm searching for last night's post-game interview.

So, are the Wild back in it? Well, before yesterday's game, Down Goes Brown gave the Minnesota Wild all of a zero percent chance to win this series. And while he's probably still correct, he was wrong in his assumption that the series would be done and dusted following Game 4 on Friday. Which is great, because really, who enjoys a sweep? Besides me, when the Ducks get bounced in four by the Kings. Who then hopefully get bounced in four by the Blackhawks. Who then hopefully...

On the other coast, or on the banks of the Fleuve Saint-Laurent at least, the Canadiens didn't bother with shutting out the Bruins. They just jumped out to a lead, and this time didn't give it up. And can we say that P.K. Subban is definitely making a case for consideration for the Conn Smyth? Not only did he have an eventful game yesterday, with a goal and an assist, but he now has a six-game point streak in the playoffs, including 5 multipoint games and 11 points total. Keep in mind the Canadiens have only played seven games. And he's a defenseman!

* * *

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And lastly, I'm not entirely sure why I find this so lovely, but I do. The pre-game for last night's Habs-Bruins game, on Hockey Night in Canada: