Dallas Stars Daily Links: Montreal Canadiens Strike First in Second Round Series Against Boston Bruins

In which les Habitants have yet to lose a playoff game this season, the Bruins come back twice only to fall short, and playoff hockey hugs are like regular season hockey hugs, only more intense...

The Montreal Canadiens foolishly carried a two goal lead into the third period of their Game 1 matchup against the Boston Bruins last night. We Stars fans know what a bad idea that is, and sure enough, first former-Dallas Star Reilly Smith scored, then former-Dungeon Siege villain Torey Krug scored, and suddenly the game got a lot more interesting.

Now, despite blowing that lead, and then losing a one-goal lead in the final two minutes of regulation as well, the Canadiens did at least manage to pull off the victory in double overtime, thanks to this bomb from the blueline by P.K. Subban.

That hasn't always been the case in this year's playoffs though. There was the Dallas Stars Game 6 meltdown, when a safe two-goal lead suddenly wasn't. And in the Penguins-Blue Jackets series, the first four games were won by scores of 4-3, with the losing team having led 3-1 in each of them! And then the Colorado Avalanche took the lead four separate times in their Game 7 against the Minnesota Wild, only to lose the game, having not trailed for a single second.

In short, beware of leads. They sound like a great idea, but it's like trying to control Asia in Risk. Seven extra men, at the beginning of every turn, but you can never [frolicking] hold it. You think you've finally got it secured, and then an opponent captures Kamchatka. So you kick them out next round, only to have somebody else come in over the Urals. Australasia's the one to go for. All the purples. Get everyone on Papua New Guinea and just build up, build up.

I don't know where I was going with that, but the Montreal Canadiens are going to take over the world.

* * *

A couple more second round series begin tonight. The Rangers and Penguins, and the Wild and Blackhawks.

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