Dallas Stars, Anaheim Ducks Series Draws Ratings in DFW Similar to 2008

How many people were around to watch the first round as the Stars re-entered the playoff mix? At least as many as the last time.

Does a playoff run help the masses re-engage where the Dallas Stars are concerned? That's been the hope for the last six playoff-less seasons, and at least when TV ratings are taken into account, the answer is yes. Or that it's a start.

Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News reports on ratings for the series...

The six-game opening round series of the NHL playoffs finished with a 1.9 average in Dallas-Fort Worth, which coincidentally is the same number the Stars scored for their six-game first-round playoff victory over the Ducks in 2008. The 1.9 rating, by the way, translates into 50,450 homes.

So you know: Sunday's series ending 5-4 overtime loss was easily the highest rated game. It scored a 3.0. It peaked in the third period at a relatively whopping 5.0 as the Stars clung to a 4-2 lead. The sudden death overtime dropped incredibly to a 3.3.

Horn has a number of other interesting historical facts on Stars TV ratings here at the Dallas Morning News...

Are those numbers very good compared to the Texas Rangers or the Dallas Mavericks? Not really. We know that. The Stars know that. That's OK. That they're where 2008 was is pretty good. They would have gone up exponentially the further into the playoffs they went.

The city was definitely interested, and radio and TV personalities were pushing it on the public for the first time in six years, making people at least aware and conversational, as you no doubt found in your every day travels- Even if they were not actually viewing it.

If a 1.9 is 50,450 homes and game six had a 5.0 at one point- Plus the nearly 20,000 people who were AT the game... That's a lot of humans caring about hockey in North Texas who ordinarily don't.

Our ratings, so to speak, on this website were pretty good, too. We ranked third among all SB Nation NHL blogs during the month of April. So thank you for that.


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