Tom Gaglardi, Jim Nill, Lindy Ruff and You: What Would You Ask?

If you could ask any of these guys just one thing, what would it be?

Imagine a world where Tom Gaglard, Jim Nill, Lindy Ruff, and yourself take a magical tour of the Southwestern United States, driving from Dallas all the way to Los Angeles. It's hot, dry. and none of that even matters because you're traveling in luxury with millionaires.

That is, until your ride breaks down in the middle of Arizona at three in the afternoon. Everyone has cell phones, and a helicopter will no doubt swoop in to whisk your traveling party away from danger in mere minutes. However, a few minutes is plenty of time for you to bug the hell out of any of these three guys with any questions you might have.

Assume that they won't give you the "shut up and leave me alone" type answer that just tells you what you want to hear. These guys are giving you their undivided attention and want nothing more than to honestly answer your question so well that you have no doubt about the sincerity of their response. In this incredibly likely scenario, what would you ask and to whom would you ask it?

This is your chance to ask Nill all the tips and tricks for tending an impeccable mustache. Maybe you want to ask Gaglardi what it's like to own an NHL team or ask him "where do I go to get rich?" Ruff will no doubt be interested to discuss coaching an NHL club in detail with you, and he will even entertain jerk questions about the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals.

So, given this rare opportunity, what would you ask?

I call dibs on questions about our friend: