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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 255: Round 2, Game 1

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The series continues, and you know the drill. Wes and Mark make sense of how the Stars snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The one period of Game 1 in which the Dallas Stars should have expected more goals than the Colorado Avalanche was overtime – i.e., the period in which they ultimately lost the match. It’s just one of the infuriating twists that the postseason will throw at you, if you get that far.

Settle down – this isn’t a doomcast. But Wes and Mark do have some thoughts about line matchups, the important role of chaos, and whether the Stars should try to make the Avs’ top line play every third shift and clean up on all the others.

Maybe it’s time for Mason Marchment to come back. It’s definitely time for Stargazing After Dark. And it’s brought to you by BetOnline.

What has you most hyped about Round 2 – for better or otherwise? Let’s talk about it in the comments – or DM us @WesALawrence or @KETibbetts on the short app. Casters are waiting for your call. (We even have a suggestive saxophone riff, so you know we mean it.)

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The 2024 NHL Draft is over, free agency is in full swing, and the Dallas Stars are right in the thick of it. But are they making the moves that will matter next season? contributor and DBD editor-in-chief Taylor Baird joined Wes and Mark on the first day of silly season to sort through the Stars action. On this week's episode of Stargazing, we present a wide-ranging conversation that included topics like these: why a Chris Tanev deal didn't (and couldn't) happen <li>what Dallas can do with three right-handed D-men,</li> <li>how the Matt Duchene deal fits into the plan,</li> <li>what to make of the Casey DeSmith signing,</li> <li>and ever so much more.</li> If you're fretting over fourth-line deployments, you actually may be doing pretty well. Let's go Stargazing. See if you agree. It's brought to you by our buddies at BetOnline. For future reference, is winning the division an amateur move? Let us know at Defending Big D, or DM us @WesALawrence or @KETibbetts on the short app. (We're there for you.) And please don’t forget to rate, review and share. Let's keep the Stars in summer.
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