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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 247: Eclipsed Us

The Stargazing podcast logo, featuring a Dallas Stars Victory Green cassette tape with tearaway jersey texture and nets over the sprocket holes, designed by Jason Lara
Logo design: Jason Lara | @NHLMaps

The Dallas Stars are easily the second-most important celestial bodies this week. Wes and Mark can tell you why.

The 2023-24 Dallas Stars really are that good. Is it OK to just enjoy it for a few days, for cryin’ out loud? Here at Stargazing, we say…prrrrrrobably?

Wes and Mark sat down on Eclipse Day 2024 to bask in the totality of the past week, good and bad. And as always, they have plenty to say about our Stars and what they have revealed to us. In this episode:

  • How are the Stars preparing for the playoffs?
  • What can we say about Mavrik Bourque’s debut?
  • How will Pete DeBoer handle load management for Tyler Seguin?
  • What happens when Daddy and Hak come back?
  • And ever so much more.

So is it better to take on the Vegas Golden Knights earlier or later in the Stanley Cup playoffs? You know you’ve asked yourself the same question. Let’s go Stargazing…for answers!

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