NHL Expansion: Expansion Bids Expected To Be Entertained

Looks like the league is going to grow.

Pending OK from the NHL's Board of Governors the NHL is going to "consider expansion".

We use consider very loosely here.

Reportedly the NHL is seeking 500 million dollars per team. Two teams would need to be added to balance the league, presumably both to the Western Conference unless a team in the East moves West. Quebec is one of the leading candidates, but as a very likely Eastern Conference city this would seem to prompt the NHL into more re-alignment.

The other big possibility is Las Vegas. They claim to already have 13,000 season tickets spoken for and a new arena which is, oddly enough, in the vicinity of where the NHL Awards are being held tonight. Seattle has been mentioned in the past. Kansas City is always out there. We have a giant post about the possibility of Houston as a landing spot that has been in the pipeline for a long time. Expect that to drop very soon.

Get excited for future expansion drafts and for rich guys adding a billion dollars to their cupboard. It looks like it's happening.