Norris and Selke Trophy Voting: No Dallas Stars Anywhere


The NHL released the voting results for the Selke Trophy given to the top defensive forward in the league. There are no Dallas Stars in the top 20.

. Selke

The NHL also just released the voting results for the Norris Trophy given to the top defenseman in the NHL. There are 26 names here, and none of them are Dallas Stars.

Hey, I guess the Stars need to find some defense. We already knew this, but looking at the voting for these awards the point is driven home even more. The Stars defensive ability is lacking and garners little to no respect across the league.

If the Ted Lindsay voting is ever released we'll get that up, but the press release already came out. It doesn't look like we'll get to see where Jamie Benn fit in among the MVP vote as done by the players. That's kind of disappointing.