Jeff Reese: Dallas Stars Owe Compensation to Philadelphia Flyers?

Per Mike Heika, but we have conflicting reports now.

Edit: I said fired. I should have said "mutually agreed to part ways".

The Dallas Stars reportedly will have a new goalie coach. Since then there has been some confusion as to whether or not the Stars will owe the Philadelphia Flyers compensation for snatching up Jeff Reese. Mike Heika's initial tweet on the matter:

Alan Muir of Sports Illustrated quickly jumped in to add some clarification.

More clarification about the situation can be found here and here.

The caution that Heika is sensing is interesting nonetheless. It doesn't appear like the Stars will owe anything in the way of compensation, and it would be absurd if they had to given that he was fired, but that applies to anyone in the league. That's another topic for another time though.

This is a big move though. It's natural for the Stars to be a bit cautious, though in the case of compensation it does appear that they don't need to be worried too much.

Ninja edit: The Flyers and Reese mutually parted ways. No one officially was fired. No one officially quit.