Texas Stars Debut New Logo, Colors To Match Dallas Stars In Victory Green

The Stars AHL affiliate announced its new logo and color scheme Thursday morning, switching to the silver and victory green palate of Dallas.

Ever since the Texas Stars were purchased by Tom Gaglardi, it's been clear the team would rebrand to the Dallas color scheme at some point.

That point was Thursday morning, when Dallas' AHL affiliate announced its new set of colors, logos and wordmarks, which were all in the green and silver color scheme featured in the NHL.

Stephen Meserve over at 100 Degree Hockey has the full details.

The Stars primary logo is a modified version of the TEXAS secondary logo from the last two years, with the X replaced by a star. The secondary logo is a color-adjusted version of the Texas state flag in a crest with the Texas Stars name around the outer edge...

Along with the logo, new jerseys are expected later this summer. It is also expected that Texas will compete in these new jerseys in the 2015-16 season. Texas has had two main jersey treatments in their history, the initial TEXAS and STARS wordmarks on white and black respectively and the current kelly green and gold jerseys. With victory green such a big part of the rebrand, it can be expected that Texas will don that shade in some regard next season. For the Dallas Stars, victory green is the home jersey.

The complete major new brand marks are shown in this video released by the team:

As Stephen wrote, this is the first step to new jerseys coming later this summer. It also, as Owen Newkirk pointed out on Twitter, makes life much easier for call ups with custom gear, such at goalies, and their equipment managers, as the shared color scheme means gear will easily transition between both teams.

What do you guys think of the new look for Texas?