Help Dallas Stars Forward Tyler Seguin Pick a New Year's Eve Tie

The Dallas Stars superstar faces a dilemma we can all relate to. This is what the Internet is for.

New Year's Eve: the day where you debate whether you're going to stay in and avoid amateur hour, or go out. Will you go to a happening hot spot, or go more private and spring for bottle service somewhere? What dress, what shoes, what suit, what tie, transportation, hair, makeup, nail appointments....there's a lot of planning that goes into having a safe and fun ringing in the new year.

On his radio show with local Dallas-Fort Worth sports mothership The Ticket, Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin revealed he, too, faces such dilemmas as we do on this auspicious day. He is having some trouble deciding between a bow tie or a skinny tie for his New Year's Eve look.

So we decided we'd help him out.

Vote which way you think Seguin should go for New Year's Eve. (I'm on team #bowtie.)

And make sure you're wearing your best look when you travel down to the American Airlines Center tomorrow night when the Dallas Stars take on the Nashville Predators.