Dallas Stars Daily Links: Tyler Seguin Learning to Live with No Playoffs This Year

Hey, maybe he'll be able to lend support to some of his old teammates in Boston. Also, the defending champs are unthinkably eliminated, and Calgary is set to be this year's Colorado and lose in the first round

Quick hits today, but before we get into the massive fallout from all the games last night, I wanted to point out this interview with Tyler Seguin by Josh Cooper of Puck Daddy.

Seguin hadn't missed the playoffs until this year, so he can be forgiven for his disappointment. In fact, all of you are forgiven for your disappointment. I forgive you. Ahem:

[Seguin]: It has been a good, yet frustrating year. I thought I was having maybe my best year, then I ended up getting hurt.

It’s just I’ve never been in this position where I’m not in the playoffs. I’ve made playoffs every year in the league and playing in meaningless games like tonight is a new mental challenge but I’m trying to embrace it and do the best I can with it.

When you’ve had so much success at 23, does it make you complacent to a degree or want it more?

Yeah, I think it does make you hungrier. I know what it tastes like, winning, even if it was at a young age. I’ve been around teammates and teams that have that winning mentality and know what it’s like and feels like, and I’ve also been around Boston when we lost the Cup to Chicago with a few minutes left, so I know that feeling too. It’s a bit more younger guys (in Dallas) than my old team. But we’re building something here and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Does the end of season run for this team give hope for the future or make this year more disappointing?

It makes it frustrating, because we showed and can feel in here how we can play, and it’s too little too late so, it’s the frustrating part. But the positive is that everyone has felt what it’s like and how we can play. We went on a great run in March. We showed we could play good hockey. It’s showing we can do that from day one in training camp. That’s going to be the main focus this offseason and going into camp.

We still have a very young team compared to teams that are cup contenders right now. There’s still a lot of growth to be done. You have to be patient with the process and I believe in it. All the guys here believe in it and we have to stick with it.

[Puck Daddy]

Frustration is the key word, as we all know by now. Seguin's focus on the young core in Dallas is encouraging, and kind of weird, since he's part of it; and like he said, the team showed what they were capable of. The Stars' run(s) this season weren't fueled by out-of-this-world netminding (unfortunately), but primarily by good, solid possession hockey. The pieces are there.

And hey, at least this season won't have the weird mental effect that last year's playoff bounce supposedly did. That's something.

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Finally, my friend sent me this video early Thursday morning, but not early enough for links. So you get to enjoy it now! It is pretty funny.