Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Using Offensive Defensemen to Their Advantage

The Stars' defensemen have focused on creating offense this year. Plus, Jamie Benn is challenging Sidney Crosby as the league's best player, and Tyler Seguin chats with the Ticket.

This season, the Dallas Stars have frequently relied on their defense for their offense—in fact, Dallas' d-core leads all other teams in defenseman scoring with 80 points. John Klingberg is (obviously) responsible for a big chunk of that, but Alex Goligoski, Jordie Benn, and the rest of the team are pitching in, too. Mike Heika explores the benefits and drawbacks to having such an active blue line.

It's a bit of a risky strategy, because the defenseman is trusting that a forward has coverage back in case there is a counterattack against. And when the Stars have yielded odd-man rushes, you can often find a defenseman up in the offensive zone and seemingly out of position.

"The right word is trust," Ruff said when asked about the balance of activating well and activating poorly. "We had the reads in St. Louis (Saturday), and we gave up a 3-on-1. When you miss an assignment, it looks pretty bad. But we're not going to change the system, we're going to harp on everybody to do their job."

Alex Goligoski also chimed in with his thoughts on how getting in on the attack affects the game.

"I think it's definitely working, but we can still get better at it," said Goligoski. "We're trying to be more consistent as a team in a lot of areas. We're working together and there's definitely trust, and that makes it a lot easier if you have played together. But it's everything _ how you read, time of game, it's a whole heap of things."

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Don't worry, y'all. They're still gonna #doitforthegram.

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And finally, the Stars are good at hockey. They are not good at singing Christmas carols.