Antoine Roussel Loves Cats and Other Things We Learned From Wednesday's Dallas Stars Twitter Chat

Roussel talked Django, team Christmas spirit and who on the team is the best chef in the semi-regular Stars Twitter chat.

The Dallas Stars have already provided us with some great player Twitter chats this season, from John Klingberg to kick things off to the very entertaining Jason Demers session just a few weeks ago.

With things still going well in hockey-land, the team announced on Wednesday it was time for another edition of the chat. This time, it was Antoine Roussel taking the great throne of Dr Pepper at the Frisco StarCenter.

He got the session started out on a seasonal note with the best holiday movie:

And named the team's resident festive soul as well as Grinch, which will surely get him pranked sometime in the near future:

We learned what he was thinking when he took this amazing picture from last season:

And the full name of his awesome cat:

That may help explain what he thinks he'd be doing if he didn't play hockey:

One of my favorite parts of these live chats are the running jokes that have developed. For instance, the need for certain players on the screen to always have sunscreen:

Or the fact that there is indeed a default answer for every question that asks to name a player:

I might pay someone good money to get this on video:

His teammates even turned to him to answer what apparently has been a burning question:

Speaking of things that need video evidence:

He even sung Happy Birthday in French for someone's wife.

Hockey (and or veterinary medicine) rather than professional singer was probably a good career choice.

There's so much more where those came from, including a variety of fan cat pictures with his commentary. You can see the whole timeline at @DallasStars.