Dallas Stars Daily Links: Rangers Advance to the Stanley Cup Finals

In which the Blackhawks and Kings play an epic Game 5, the Canadiens and Rangers play an epic, but in a different way, Game 6, and the Rangers will now have a few extra days to ponder their impending doom...

So after the Canadiens and Rangers combined for 11 goals in Game 5 on Tuesday night, and the Blackhawks and Kings combined for 9 goals in their own Game 5 on Wednesday night, the Eastern Conference Finals went in another direction last night.

The Rangers scored a goal at the end of the second period. And that would be it for the night. Henrik Lundqvist shook off his poor showing on Tuesday and reinserted himself into the Conn Smythe discussion with an 18-save shutout.

New York now awaits the winner of the Blackhawks-Kings series for a chance, albeit a slim one, at the Stanley Cup. [Blueshirt Banter]

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The other Conference Final? The important one? By all accounts it was one of the most entertaining on record. No seriously. Grantland calls it 'One of the Greatest Hockey Overtimes Ever Played.' And they're not even talking about the overtime in which the Blackhawks scored!

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Spencer Abbott of the Toronto Marlies scored a natural hat trick against the Texas Stars last night. And all three goals came on the power play. That probably sums it up right there. Series is now tied, 2-2. [100 Degree Hockey]

On a Toronto theme, I've found your next Twitter follow. Sister Helena Burns. Yes, for those of you who aren't currently following any nuns, now is the time to start. [National Post]

Remember the Stars other first-round draft pick last season? Well he signed a three-year entry level contract yesterday. I'm talking about Jason Dickinson by the way, in case you really don't remember. [Sports Day DFW]

Highlights of my favorite hockey personality. And by favorite, I mean the one who I can't help but laugh at. [BarDown]

Barry Trotz on coaching defensively: "When they say 'defensive coach,' I know this and I'm going to tell the players, when you have the puck, I want you to make good decisions and I want you to score some goals and I want you to be hard on people and the puck. And if you don't have it, I want to get it back again so we can reattack." Fancy stats for the win! [NBC Washington]

Perspective from Habs bloggers after the loss? Curious. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]

Soccer, rugby, and cricket. A short list of sports which England invented, exported, and then proceeded to be overtaken in. Well you can now add hockey to the list. Although granted, at least with the other sports there are the occasional moments of glory for England. Well, with rugby and cricket anyway. [National Post]

Sportswriters in the Bay Area are speculating on whether Joe Thornton and the Sharks will soon cease to be an item. [CSN Bay Area]

Megalodon has retired from blogging. Tears of joy and sorrow will mingle throughout the nation I'm sure. [Battle of Cali]

Maybe it's too late, seeing as how the Canadiens are now out of the playoffs, but Down Goes Brown looks back at the top 20 Montreal controversies, while they were still in the playoffs. [Grantland]

And yes, the Canadiens are out of the playoffs. If you want to find one reason why, besides perhaps the game-winning goal from last night, then look no farther: