Dallas Stars Top Ten Plays of 2013-2014, No. 3-1: Trevor Daley is Fast, Jamie Benn is a Hockey God

In which we celebrate the absolute best plays of one amazing season.

We end our countdown of the Top Ten plays of the 2013-2014 season today with a focus on the team's best player and one who vaulted himself into the stratosphere of NHL superstars in his first season as the Dallas Stars captain. While Tyler Seguin's incredible year must not be overlooked, it was still Benn that provided most of the fireworks and it was still Benn that showed himself capable of single-handedly schooling an entire roster with his puck magic.

But first...

No. 3: Erik Cole's Breakaway Goal For The Win

Mike Modano's retirement night wasn't going as well as the home team could have hoped. The Wild had scored early in the third period to take a 3-2 lead and the Stars weren't doing much offensively -- until Tyler Seguin bullied in a goal in the waning seconds of what had been a powerless 5-minute power play.

Just four minutes later, Erik Cole saw an opening and he took it...

Dat head fake...

No. 2: Trevor Daley Comes To Life

Trevor Daley was outright stupendous the second half of the season and when the Stars needed it the most, he was at his very best. Daley is incredibly speedy and doesn't always get to show it off, but against the St. Louis Blues and then at home a few weeks later against the Anaheim Ducks that speed was on full display.


The best is saved for last:

That pass from Goligoski...the speed with which Daley blows by the entire team up the ice and to the goal. The celebration along the boards. It was all so perfect.

We'll just ignore what would happen later in the game.

No. 1: O Captain, My Captain

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: