Dallas Stars Daily Links: Nick Paul and Jim Nill's Trades

Jason Spezza came at a price, and Nick Paul was that price. Also, Jamie Benn enjoyed the WJC quite a bit, and the Devils might be looking for a moustache as a new head coach

Hey, everyone! Happy Decemberween and everything. How was your Boxing Day? I hope it was as good as mine, which involved bacon, capers, installing new bathroom towel racks and tuna salad sandwiches. Well, one sandwich.

Today's links are brief, since, well, no NHL hockey has "actually happened" since Tuesday. But here's a little something to get your coconut juices flowing this Saturday morning. Mike Heika, who is Notably Awesome, went ahead and reviewed Jim Nill's trades in his still-brief tenure with the team. The whole piece is worth looking at, but Nick Paul is the one that jumped out at me:

Nick Paul: Ottawa did a good job in nabbing Paul. He is the epitome of giving up something good to get something in return. The Stars wanted Jason Spezza, so they had to surrender Paul as part of the trade.

The 19-year-old winger plays for North Bay in the OHL and has 34 points (19 goals, 15 assists) in 27 games this season. Paul is 6-3, 221, and has a chance to be a real sleeper after getting selected by the Stars 101st in 2013. He could end up being a more important part of the Spezza trade than Chiasson. [DMN]

This is the former Dallas prospect that Stars fans are going to notice the most in the near future, as you have probably been told. Jim Nill hasn't been shy about trading talent to get talent (See: B. Dillon), but Paul may be the leading candidate for admittance to the "future Jarome Iginla comparison" category of ex-Stars.

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Saturday Links, man. What can you say? You can say, "It it not a holiday, for once."

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Finally, Julius Hudacek continues to show us how to celebrate outlandishly without showing anyone up. This is gold: