Dallas Stars Daily Links: Los Angeles Kings One Win Away from the Stanley Cup

In which the Kings forget how to lose, the Texas Stars' shooting percentage in Game 2 is just a shade over 2%, and... is it summertime already?

So while we all knew the Los Angeles Kings were going to win this year's Stanley Cup Final, the question was whether or not Henrik Lundqvist the New York Rangers would make it a series. Three games into the series and the answer is no. They won't. I mean, everybody (excluding San Jose fans) knows that when a team goes up 3-0 in a playoff series, the series is as good as won.

Not to say that the games haven't been good. The first two at least were overtime thrillers, but then with a chance to get back into the series, and on home-ice no less, the Rangers turned in a dud of a performance. Or were offensively stymied by Jonathan Quick, choose your perspective. Quick's play certainly had a lot to do with it, as that huge advantage the Rangers seemed to enjoy in the goaltending department coming into this series proved to be a mirage. Because it turns out Jonathan Quick is pretty good, recording a 32 save shutout on Monday night.

Or maybe he's not, and Sean McIndoe has it right. Luck has deserted the Rangers. It happens sometimes, and so we have fancy stats like PDO and Corsi to make us feel better about a team on a losing streak. But sometimes it does all just boil down to luck. I mean, let's browse headlines. Besides Down Goes Brown's "Luck Has Left the Building for the New York Rangers," we also have "Short on Luck, the Rangers Are Now Also Short on Time," from Blueshirt Banter, while Jewels from the Crown says "The Kings Have Been Lucky and Good This Postseason." Even Puck Daddy gets in on it, saying "Rangers Hoping Puck Luck Goes Their Way."

And, last one, SB Nation claims that "New York's Stanley Cup dream is dying by the hands of Lady Luck."

She's a cruel mistress, that Lady Luck...

* * *

The Texas Stars very nearly hit the 50-shot mark in Game 2 on Monday night, and, much like in the first game of their Conference Final series against Toronto, it did them very little good. Only one of those 49 shots went into the net, and the Stars lost 2-1, leveling their series with the St. John's IceCaps at one game apiece. Blame it on Lady Luck! [100 Degree Hockey]

The Stars are at it again tonight, with Game 3 being played in St. John's, 2600 miles away from Cedar Park. Tired, anyone? [100 Degree Hockey]

* * *

The West is Best. It's true. [Fox Sports]

Now... which of your were debating Jason Spezza as a trade target? [The 6th Sens]

Anyway, Mike Heika's probably down to discuss it with you. [Sports Day DFW]

Have we looked at this article? It's from a couple of weeks ago, but I certainly missed it. TSN speculates on the offseason game plan for the Dallas Stars. [TSN]

Top 10 restricted free agents? The article's geared towards fantasy leagues. Does that matter? [Dobber Sports]

NHL revenue is up. Which means salary caps will be up. Is anybody interested? Maybe? [Globe and Mail]

This is great news, for the thing I fear above all else, is the NHL becoming in any way like the Premier League. Or any soccer league really. Let's nip this whole diving and embellishment thing in the bud shall we? [Puck Daddy]

So this might just be my favourite #fancystats article of ever. [Canucks' Army]

And lastly, this popped up in the comments thread the other day, but let's give it it's own spotlight shall we? I don't even play video games, but I was still well impressed with this.