Dallas Stars Daily Links: Jamie Benn Wins Art Ross Trophy with Most Exciting Secondary Assist Ever

Jamie Benn gave another season-ending speech last night, and it was awesome in a different way. Also, other links that don't really matter because JAMIE BENN

You know what happened last night? We watched an entire team trying to feed one player, and against all odds and hockey karma, it totally worked. Say what you will about Nashville's play and maneuvers last night; I don't think any other team in hockey this season could have forcefully manufactured a 4-point night like your Dallas Stars did:

Crosby went scoreless in his game against the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday. Tavares had a goal and an assist in the Islanders’ 5-4 shootout loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets. It looked like the Islanders had their first scoring leader since Bryan Trottier in 1978-79.

But hold on … there was still Benn. The Dallas Stars forward had 83 points entering his final game against the Nashville Predators. He needed a four-point night to win the Art Ross.

Benn opened the scoring at 7:35 of the first period, and then added a second goal at 13:33.

That appeared to be it for Benn, who was held scoreless in the second period and most of the third. But in a one-goal game, the Predators pulled goalie Carter Hutton and Benn scored his 35th goal of the season into an empty net to complete the hat trick, pulling even with Tavares as 17:55.

And that appeared to be that … until 19:51 of the third.

[Puck Daddy]

This was the best possible way to end the season, given the circumstances. And I loved every minute of it. Just take today to relish what we saw last night. It was special, and I don't want to stop feeling the weird, giggly-smile feeling that Benn's final point induced.

This team, right? Ah, well, enough words. Go ahead and re-live last night. I'll leave now.

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Today's links are sponsored by Jamie Benn. Jamie Benn Jamie Benn Jamie Benn. Hey, as the stories continued to trickle out today, go ahead and share them. We'll click them all.

The bottom picture in this article is my new favorite forever. [THN]

Who else could your first star of last night possibly be? [Puck Daddy]

This year was the closest race for the Art Ross since Lindros/Jagr in 1995. Oh, Jagr is still playing and scoring goals, by the way. It's been 20 years. That's great and all, but Jamie Benn. [NHL]

"Bittersweet" is a tough word to use for the "best thing possible given the circumstances" game last night; but, well, it's probably the right one. I think I just circuitously exemplified the word "bittersweet." [DMN]

Here's another story about British Columbia boy Jamie Benn winning a certain trophy. Guess which one! I like this game. [Global News]

John Tavares was close, but no cigar. [Lighthouse Hockey]

Tough, emotional night all around in Nassau Coliseum. How many more games will the Islanders play there? It's really up to them. [New York Times]

No Seguin, no problem. Because, again, Jamie Benn. [Hockey Writers]

Two points in the final three minutes of the game, and Jamie Benn got them. It really is extraordinary. [CBS Sports]

I try not to wish ill on anyone ever. The Bruins missed the playoffs thanks to the Ottawa Senators. Hard to reconcile my feelings right now. Wait, no it is not. I am gleeful. Sorry, bears. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

Despite becoming the 8 seed in the East (which approximately no one called, I would guess) the Penguins are in trouble--Kris Letang is done for the year. [Pensburgh]

Finally, did you see this? It is also awesome.