Dallas Stars 2014-15 Player Grades: Patrik Nemeth

How would you rate the 2015 Patrik Nemeth campaign?

Once again it's that time of year here on Defending Big D where we take a look at each player that suited up for 20 or more games this season (and finished the season with the organization) - and take a look back at their season. What was good about it, what wasn't so good, and the lasting impression they left us as we go into summer.

Patrik Nemeth was expected to be a key to the 2015 Dallas Stars defense corps. Instead he only played five games before suffering a horrible cut on his wrist that forced him out from October 18th until March 3rd. In the interim the Stars defense was suspect at best. They desperately could have used the defensive influence Nemeth could have provided.

When he did play he was solid. He only registered three points in 22 games, but that isn't what he's here for. In his limited action he was by far the Stars best penalty killing defenseman. Opposing teams attempted only 21.6 shots/60 with Nemeth on the penalty kill, though he was victimized by a .571 on ice save percentage. The Stars second most successful penalty killing defender was Oleksiak, and with him on the ice the Stars allowed ten more shots per 60 minutes than with Nemeth.

At even strength Nemeth was eased back in slowly by Lindy Ruff. He was given low-pressure minutes where he played adequately for a young defender. He was a positive possession player, though not on the level of the other offensively minded pairs. He was above average at limiting quality chances per War On Ice. Only Jason Demers was better.

Nemeth is also developing into a noted Twitter troll. He has picked up the habit of following and unfollowing me over the past few months. It usually lasts for about 30 seconds. This was his reply last time:


In that same spirit let's take a look at some of the amusing Nemeth moments captured this season during games and Dallas Stars Insider:




It's hard not to like Nemeth. A healthy Nemeth will be a big help to the 2016 season after what was a solid, but short, 2015.

With all of that being said now it's your turn to rate Nemeth. How would you rate his abbreviated 2015 campaign? Participate in the poll at the end of the post to give him a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F with A being the highest grade possible.

How would you grade Patrik Nemeth's 2015 season?