Dallas Stars Winger Antoine Roussel Goes Old School, Raps to 'Gangsta's Paradise' in Radio Appearance

The Stars agitator joined the list of players who have rapped for 105.3 The Fan as he offered his take on the classic "Gangsta's Paradise."

If there's one thing I enjoy about the DFW sports radio scene, it's that it really doesn't take itself too seriously (at least for the most part). There's, well, all of the Ticket, and if you shift the dial up a few notches, there's the always amusing Yo! Roger Raps segment on 105.3 the Fan.

Dallas Stars agitator and heavily accented forward Antoine Roussel joined the Fan this morning and got to show off his own rapping skills, channeling Coolio for the chorus of Gangsta's Paradise. My only regret is the segment is far too brief to hear the glory that would be Roussel trying his hand at the verses as well.

Roussel joins team captain Jamie Benn and former captain/all-everything player Mike Modano as guys who have rapped for The Fan, and you should absolutely listen to both Benn's and Modano's contributions as well.

In today's interview, Roussel didn't just stick to rapping. He also talked about the Stars disappointing start to the season, the ins and outs of hockey fights and his reputation outside of Dallas.

Perhaps it's just me, but listening to this interview, especially when he talks about fighting and the most dangerous types of penalties, he's totally channeling the epic character of Denis Lemieux from Slapshot. The voices don't quite match (Roussel kind of sounds like Lemieux would if Lemieux had a cold), but the phrasing is an uncanny match.