Meet The Defending Big D Moderation Team

You will respect their authority! Or something...

On Monday, we had a bit of a "community reset" here at Defending Big D, that sparked some very good debate and discussion over the nature of an internet community. We're all in this together, and after Tuesday's game it's become clear that in order to get through what is looking to be an incredibly depressing and frustrating season -- this community is going to be what helps hold our sanity together.

One thing that became clear throughout that discussion is that we need more direct oversight in our discussion threads. This includes oversight of not just the readers and commenters here at DBD, but also of the writing staff as well -- we can get just as heated and overzealous in our opinions as anyone else.

As part of our effort to help guide the DBD community to where we know it can go - a welcoming and knowledgeable source of hockey debate -- we've put together a team of moderators that will help keep us in line.

Meet the DBD Moderation Team:

Graham Jenkins (formerly DFWTrojanTuba)
harry wagstaff
Boris Johnson

These three are not here to bully anyone, or run the comments threads as their own -- instead, they have the independent authority to help curb some of the comments or debates that go against our community guidelines and rules. Once again, this also applies to the DBD staff here as well.

Congratulations to these three and a big thank you to them for stepping up and helping us out moving forward.