2015 NHL Draft: Jack Eichel Profile and Scouting Report

Hey let's look at Jack Eichel.

The draft is approaching and we continue profiling the top prospects in the draft by zeroing in on the next leader of Team USA, center Jack Eichel. He is likely headed to Buffalo, but until he is actually taken let's dream a little.

Eichel is a 6'2 195 pound center currently plying his craft at Boston University. This past season as a freshman he recorded 71 points in 40 games. He has nine points in ten career games in the World Juniors U20 tournament including four in five games this year.

Hockey's Future describes his talent for us:

While Eichel may not be quite the high-end talent that Connor McDavid is, he is very close. Eichel has the ability to control the game with a high hockey IQ, a good, powerful skating stride, and offensive skills that are second to none among American prospects for the 2015 draft. Eichel has good strength, allowing him to win battles for the puck and control it in space. He may be guilty of trying to do too much at times, but there is little doubt that he will be a top player once he arrives in the NHL.

Adam Kimelman of NHL.com:

"The best player in college hockey, Eichel has the skill to jump right into an NHL lineup. He led all college players with 71 points, and his NCAA-best 1.77 point-per-game average was the best by a freshman in more than 20 years. Has outstanding playmaking skills but also knows how to put the puck in net."

The best college freshman in 20 years. A powerful skater. High hockey IQ. Guilty of being so good that the only real criticism we can offer is that he tries to do to much some times. This is an elite prospect who should step right into an NHL lineup next year. The praise can't get any higher.

He'll be a six-foot two, two-hundred and ten pound strong, big center who passes like Adam Oates, shoots like Alex Ovechkin, and just a real committed, durable guy who doesn't get hurt, plays for 15 years and probably ends up in the Hall of Fame.

Well geez Buccigross, I guess the praise can get higher. Now we'll add future Hall of Famer to the list. Buccigross may need to back of the ledge a little bit. We're talking about an 18 year old after all, but the situation here is pretty clear. Eichel is good. (Thanks to Die By The Blade for that quote.)

The best part about Jack Eichel though is this video:

The video culminates with this incredible image:

Jack Eichel is an American hero. He's going to be a star, and it's a shame that he's heading to Buffalo. I, for one, look forward to at least rooting for him every four years.