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Dallas Stars Postgame Graham Wrapper Episode 14 – “Bummer, Man”

Oh, man. The Dallas Stars almost had this one. It would have been spectacular for them to come to the United Center and defeat the Chicago Blackhawks on their home turf. But, it didn’t happen.

What happened? The Stars played a very good game against one of the top teams in the league and left with another point earned in the standings. I’ll take it.

What also happened is the NBCSN crew misidentified a few Stars players, most memorably “Dominic Roussel.” I don’t think it’s too much to ask to prepare enough to correctly identify players for both teams.

I get it. It’s a difficult job to do. You make one mistake and everybody jumps on you for it. I made a ton of mistakes as a radio host in college. But, I was a college student. These guys are professionals with years of experience. You would hope they would be better than that.

Anyway, enjoy this morning’s episode.