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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 245: Goals In Sight

The Stargazing podcast logo, featuring a Dallas Stars Victory Green cassette tape with tearaway jersey texture and nets over the sprocket holes, designed by Jason Lara
Logo design: Jason Lara | @NHLMaps

We’re not resurgent – just surgent. Wes and Mark came back from spring break to explain what that means.

The Dallas Stars are out for the last long road trip of the season. It’s time to start talking about the Stanley Cup playoffs battles that are, at this point, certain to come.

Wes and Mark are back from spring break, and they have plenty to discuss, mainly about the Stars’ state of readiness for the fight ahead. What’s going right? Where are the exploitable weaknesses? And how did GM Jim Nill do in preparing his squad for this moment?

And finally, what’s the secret sauce in the Seguin-Duchene-Marchment line, and why does it go away when any one of them does? We just might have figured it out. Don’t tell us you don’t want to know. Join us for some Stargazing.

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