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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 238: After The All-Stars

The Stargazing podcast logo, featuring a Dallas Stars Victory Green cassette tape with tearaway jersey texture and nets over the sprocket holes, designed by Jason Lara
Logo design: Jason Lara | @NHLMaps

Wes and Mark are back, and they’re bakin’ some takes just for you. Join us!

The NHL All-Star break is over, and the Dallas Stars are finally back in action tonight. Sooooo…what did you do with your January?

Wes and Mark decided to do some cookin’…and now they’re ready to talk recipes. Stargazing is back with a vengeance, and in this episode, we discuss:

  • Jake Oettinger, All-Star, and whether he’s set to play like one,
  • how to make sure Miro Heiskanen is ready to be a tank in the playoffs
  • the defensive developments that could decide the Stars’ postseason fate,
  • the Logan Stankoven / Mavrik Bourque conundrum that hangs over everything,
  • what to do at the trade deadline,
  • the lazy takes, and the crazy takes,
  • and so much more.

Is there really nothing left to talk about until March? And how are we going to pad out this little puppet show until then? Let us know in the comments – or DM us @WesALawrence or @KETibbetts. (Hey, it’s February in Dallas. You’re gonna want to warm up over these hot takes later.)

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