Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 135: What Is And What Should Never Be

And if we said to you tomorrow, “Your favorite team could win it all”...? Wes, Greg and Tyler examine the postseason stories, and look for the lessons the Stars can learn from them.

The Dallas Stars’ 2021 campaign left plenty of questions unanswered. And it’s left their fans to make some assumptions that may or may not hold up. Stargazing is here to help...pass the long, long summer with more of them.

Wes, Greg and Tyler got together and pondered the imponderable...including, for example, how much of the Stars’ identity is going to be wrapped up in goaltending and defense for the foreseeable future. In this edition:

  • Would you rather be the Stars or the Nashville Predators right now?
  • Can the Victory Green Gang actually benefit from losing that last Stanley Cup playoffs spot?
  • What might they have been able to accomplish if they’d gotten to the playoffs anyway?
  • How did this season of struggle reflect the team’s depth issues?
  • What will they learn from the 2021 playoffs run that wasn’t?
  • How will the expansion draft shuffle the deck?
  • And are we looking at a future captain in Miro Heiskanen?/

What would you do if you had a magic hockey wand? Speak louder – this is Stargazing (A John Klingberg Stan Podcast™).

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