Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 183: The Coming Youthquake

Now that the Jason Robertson anxiety has subsided, it’s time to really get ready for the season. Wes, Mark and Michael check out the ever-younger Dallas Stars landscape.

Players are still deploying to the places they’ll call home this season, but the Dallas Stars have already made the move that matters most. And now that the Jason Robertson anxiety has subsided, it’s time to check out the landscape.

Wes, Mark and Michael gathered on Friday night to discuss the highlights and letdowns of the preseason, as well as the advent of certain rising Stars (and the usual collection of Hawt Sportz Taeks). In this episode:

  • the subtle brilliance of Robertson’s new deal,
  • Ty Dellandrea’s NHL readiness,
  • Riley Damiani’s sandpapery goodness,
  • Thomas Harley’s trajectory,
  • The Stars Prospect Holy Trinity – Wyatt Johnston, Logan Stankoven and Mavrik Bourque – and who looks likely to end up with the big team,
  • and how Miro Heiskanen skews everything./

Hey, it worked out OK the last time the Stars sent a teenager directly to the NHL. Stargazing, for one, welcomes our new Zoomer overlords.

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