Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 148: Pondering The Preseason

Wes and Taylor think out loud about the Stars’ September, because “Where do I go and what am I supposed to be doing?” should probably be The Official Slogan of the NHL right now.

The Dallas Stars have played two preseason games so far and lost both of them in overtime. It’s almost as if last season never ended, eh?

Well, let’s not jump to conclusions. Wes and Taylor got on the call last night and talked about everything from 3-on-3 strategy to that fugue state a dude enters the moment he gets hit in the junk. In this episode:

  • Should we worry that Dallas’ inability to close out a game in overtime seems to have become the recurring theme for 2021?
  • Can the team shake its tendency to play 40 minutes of decent hockey in a 60-minute game?
  • Is it too soon to tell if Jason Robertson taken over Jason Dickinson’s role as the designated target? ...Is it a Jason thing?
  • Will Rick Bowness’ plan to give each of the Stars’ goaltenders an entire preseason game turn out to be the best way to pick a starter?
  • What does Jake Oettinger need to do to keep himself in that conversation?
  • And where is Thomas Harley on the AHL-to-NHL continuum?
  • What stage of the buddy-cop movie are John Klingberg and Ryan Suter playing out?
  • How much has Jacob Peterson’s stock risen since Traverse City?
  • How did Alexander Radulov and Tyler Seguin look?
  • And how does the Stars’ forward corps stack up so far?/

Get the answers to these questions, plus a surprise guest appearance by Wes’ kids, right here in Stargazing. It’s almost like we had an actual run of show!

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