Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 129: Don’t Stop The Music

Six games. Ten days. Ten points. Is this...hope we’re experiencing? Wes and Logan take a look at what lies ahead.

The Dallas Stars have made it through yet another impossible COVID-compressed string of games, and they came out the other side with...hope? Is that what we’re experiencing?...

But the Victory Green Gang has to keep moving through the #Disco if they want to make the biggest dance of all. Wes and Logan take a moment to measure how far they’ve come – and that crucial distance that remains.

In this episode:

  • How did the Victory Green Gang fare during this particular stretch of four games in six nights?
  • How can they stay the course in a tough schedule that includes division leaders like the Carolina Hurricanes and the Tampa Bay well as their closest rivals, the Nashville Predators?
  • Can even a portion of Tyler Seguin be fuel enough to propel them successfully through the obstacle course ahead?
  • Will Segs’ skill set help change the Stars’ overtime fortunes in particular?
  • With John Klingberg missing minutes and Miro Heiskanen on the game-time decision list, can the defense hold up against attrition?
  • How well do the Stars manage a training room that often looks more like a M*A*S*H unit?
  • How can Jason Robertson’s case for the Calder Trophy become even more emphatic?
  • And who will be the real hero of Helm’s Deep?/

All this, and a surprise ending, are yours in this edition of Stargazing. Buckle up.

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