Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 186: (Almost) Strictly Business

Sean Shapiro joins Taylor and Mark to talk about sports betting, the salary cap, and the season so far.

The Dallas Stars are cooking along this season so far, to the point where you might have even forgotten how much the NHL salary cap has affected their every move. But how long will that last?

Hockey insider Sean Shapiro joins Taylor and Mark to discuss the Stars’ business, on and off the ice. In this episode, they kick around:

  • where the Stars will get their revenue in the future,
  • why Ty Dellandrea is the Stars story that should get more attention,
  • why Joel Hanley may have the safest berth of any Stars player,
  • how Thomas Harley can make his case in Dallas,
  • whether Matej Blumel can play his way onto the big team,
  • and why sports betting is coming to Texas, whether anyone likes it or not./

Hate those digital ads? At least they’re distracting you from the ones on the uniforms. Welcome to Stargazing.

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