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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 195: Leggo My Ego

As the first of three January road stretches concludes, we can see that the Dallas Stars are no longer the back-up goalie team. Fortunately, they’ve built a crash mat full of winners’ points to cushion the inevitable bumps and falls.

The question now is how long it can (or will need to) last. Wes and Mark took a look at the California blitz that began on New Year’s Eve, and here’s what they brought for this week’s podcast:

  • How did the Victory Green Gang lose to the Anaheim Ducks?
  • No, really, it wasn’t all John Gibson’s Veteran Moves™ (although it might as well have been)?
  • Should we expect more from Joel Kiviranta at this point?
  • Can we expect more if Fredrik Olofsson gets a good look on the second line?
  • What could a conditioning stint in Cedar Park do for Denis Gurianov?
  • What about that new Joe Pavelski contract?
  • Who has to step up on the defense?
  • And what does the team still have to do to access Super Saiyan mode?/

Everybody looks good with Miro Heiskanen. It is known. This is Stargazing.

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