Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 133: Process And Product

Change the game, or let the game change you? Taylor and Rob discuss the Stars’ system and the comforts of getting uncomfortable.

The Dallas Stars sure do like to trust their process, and last season, it worked out pretty well for them. But the process didn’t get them a Stanley Cup in 2020. Can it even get them back to the dance in 2022?

Taylor and Rob discussed the on-ice issues. Here are just a few of the questions asked – and answered:

  • What was the real toll of the COVID-19 outbreak, and what did it really have to do with the Stars’ season-long struggles?
  • Has Radek Faksa’s offensive game evaporated, or does the FCC Line simply kill all scoring, including its own?
  • How many of the Stars’ depth issues can be solved internally rather than through free agency?
  • Did the defensemen activate less frequently because they were trying to shelter their goalies?
  • Has the conventional wisdom that defense wins championships been overtaken by a high-flying offensive reality (see: Lightning, Tampa Bay)?
  • Can the Stars improve their results by improving their cycle game?
  • And how can they reinvent themselves in the offseason?/

How much slack are you giving the front office? Speak up. You’re at Stargazing, for heaven’s sake.

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