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Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 234: Holiday Grab Bag

The Stargazing podcast logo, featuring a Dallas Stars Victory Green cassette tape with tearaway jersey texture and nets over the sprocket holes, designed by Jason Lara
Logo design: Jason Lara | @NHLMaps

Do the Stars need a secret Santa? Wes and Mark discuss the issues, and a few possible answers.

The Dallas Stars have a few December problems. Do they need to figure them out before March? For a team with the Victory Green Gang’s ambitions – and limitations – it’s a pretty important question.

Wes and Mark got together this morning to talk about everything from the state of the Central Division to the fun going on out West, and from the not-so-fun stats dogging Jake Oettinger to a possible plan for the NHL trade deadline. Now you can enjoy their conversation while you’re pregaming tonight’s bout with the Ottawa Senators.

This is Stargazing, and yes, we love you that much.

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