Stargazing, A Dallas Stars Puckcast – Episode 103: Order From Chaos

It’s like joining the Freemasons, only with pucks. Wes and Robert decipher it for you as Round 2 Game 4 approaches.

If the Dallas Stars show up for 60 minutes, they can handle the Colorado Avalanche, as the regular season showed. It was working in the Stanley Cup playoffs, too – then a couple of unexpected goals go in, a line breaks down, and suddenly it’s 6-4 going the other way.

So will the “first team to five goals wins” regimen work for the Stars again? Can they impose their order to the 33rd degree, or should they alter their style? Wes and Robert examine Wednesday’s loss to decode the mystery of how the Victory Green Gang will adjust to it during Game 4. Hear it from the masters in the latest edition of Afterwords: Delight.

Have you ever used “leadership” as a verb? Let’s discuss.

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