Six Goals at Home Not Enough: Detroit Red Wings Top Dallas Stars in Overtime

The Wings scored five times in the game's final 20:36.

"poise" [poiz]


1. a state of balance or equilibrium, as from equality or equal distribution of weight; equipoise.

2. a dignified, self-confident manner or bearing; composure; self-possession:
to show poise in company.

3. steadiness; stability:

The Dallas Stars led the Detroit Red Wings in the third period tonight by two goals. Twice. And they lost the game - as they lose a staggering 61% of their home games now (19 of 31).

What's worse than needing to wait until less than two minutes remaining to know if six goals is enough for an NHL team to win a home game? Finding out with less than two minutes remaining, with an empty net on the other end, that it is indeed not.

Six goals. At home.

You'll forgive this chronicler if he has all the tact and grace that Kari Lehtonen himself exhibited when he was shoved, with two hands, nowhere near the puck, into his net on the tying goal and the officials who saw it did not think it an infraction.

And so the Dallas Stars' season continues.

They were having trouble generating quality chances of late - and yet they managed to do it in droves despite a slow start, watching the Wings take it to them early in out-shooting them 8-1. The Stars picked it up nicely in the second period, bursting forth with three goals in three minutes to take a 4-2 lead into the third period.

That should have been it. In well over 90% of NHL games when a team is leading by multiple goals after two periods the remainder of the game is of little consequence to the outcome. The Stars gave it away in 101 seconds to one particular player in Kindl.

And the Wings had lost Henrik Zetterberg for the game before scoring five goals in the games final 20:36. Five goals in 20:36.

Well, this one stings, and they need to be on a plane to battle the Minnesota Wild, who did not play tonight. That one drops in just 21 hours, and a frustrated group should be desperate for that one.

This one was riddled with excitement, and skill - and turnovers. So many turnovers. Full marks again for Jamie Benn, who has so much fight in him right now, and he finally got some help from his friends in the form of Erik Cole, Shawn Horcoff, Curtis McKenzie, and a huge effort offensively from Trevor Daley.

But it was not enough. Another loss at home. A place of woe. A place devoid of poise.

I would say we'll have some more coherent, in-depth thoughts on this one tomorrow - but we may just burn the proverbial video-tape and move on.