Remember Those Shirts? We Have Designs. Vote For Your Favorite.

These are awesome.

A while back I mentioned something about shirts through Defending Big D with cool designs because of how hard it is to find good Dallas Stars shirts. The Texas flag came up quite a bit. My thought was why not make it even more Texan and throw several Stars-themed Texas flags on there? Well, here's what they came up with.

I absolutely love this shirt and would wear it immediately. However, there was a lot of interest in a big Texas flag in Stars colors so I'm putting this in your hands. Which shirt would you prefer? Do you want the first shirt to be a big Texas flag in the vein of the Texas flag on this shirt, but with more appropriate dimensions, or do you think this design is as awesome as I do?

We're going to do more shirts if the first one does well so if the idea you liked the most hasn't happened yet don't worry. It's very possible it will.

For now though, which design do you prefer. Vote below so we can make this happen.

Do you prefer a shirt with the Texas flag alone, or the design pictured?

Texas flag alone486
Pictured design (multiple flags)336