Jason Demers Injured Against Montreal, Potentially Out for the Regular Season

Just when Dallas finally began to pick up the January slack, the bad news bears strike in a big way; Jason Demers will miss some time, and according to Mike Hieka, possibly the rest of the regular season.

Jason Demers has been a fixture for the Dallas Stars since being traded from San Jose for Brenden Dillon. However, it looks like the top four Dallas defensemen will miss more than just "some time".

It happened behind the net when Montreal Canadien left winger, Lucas Lessio, got tangled with Demers in the corner.

Nothing real sinister going on here. Nonetheless, Demers falls pretty hard yet awkwardly on almost all fours. Dallas' trainers appeared to be checking his arm, and neck on the bench. Eventually we'd get an update on the severity:

Ruff also added "not good", which is rarely a good sign compared to the usually obscure descriptions Ruff often gives when it comes to injuries.

Regardless of the injury, Dallas will need a warm body from Texas. Especially with John Klingberg and Jordie Benn still nursing their own injuries.

One of the pups will have to help with PK and PP duties; a fact that makes the Kris Russell trade if nothing else, a little serendipitous. Stephen Johns will be the most likely candidate, given his handedness (right) and ability to soak up minutes. Whether he can do so in Dallas is a question mark, but the fact that he's been getting prime minutes means he's at least prepared nominally. Or it could give them time to look at someone like Mattias Backman who Nill had an eye for long before Dallas went to Defcon 4 tonight in Montreal. Whatever the case: