DefendingBigD Shirts: What do you want to see on them?

We're going to get shirts for sale. What would you like to see on them?

Do you like the Dallas Stars?

Do you like t shirts?

I do too, but the available selection doesn't usually do it for me. They're either uncomfortable for some reason or too generic for my tastes. We now have an opportunity to do a little something about that. We're partnering with BreakingT to bring some quality shirts to Stars fans.

Essentially how this will work is we'll come up with an idea for a shirt and send it to them. They'll then send a design or two back. We'll give the thumbs up to the design and it will be available for sale. You order it, and in a few days you have a shirt.

How does this benefit Defending Big D? In the interest of full disclosure we will get a cut from each shirt, though certainly not all of the price. This will help us be able to do a few more things for the site that haven't been doable in the past if they sell well including giveaways and other initiatives. Do you care about that? Maybe, but if the shirts suck you won't buy them. I wouldn't either.

So, this is where you come in. I put out the call on Twitter a few days ago for shirt suggestions. If there is a topic you would like to see immortalized on a shirt this is the time to suggest it. The suggested ideas so far are below:

  • Mooterus (The Razor suggestion) - Victory green and white mooterus? Eh? EHH?
  • Memorializing the 1999 Cup win
  • You Can't Do That
  • Taco Goal shirt
  • French flag in the shape of a Rooster
  • Donuts
  • Texas flag with Stars colors
  • Red haired guy throwing ninja stars
  • Incorporate the Texas logo/

Do you have any others you would like to suggest? Keep in mind we can't use copyrighted or trademarked images or symbols. We'll put the best suggestions in a poll and let you guys vote for what the first shirt is. If it does well, we'll do more. If we get several more good ideas maybe we'll set up a bracket or something and do this the right way with voting.

If you're frustrated with how hard it is to find quality Stars-related shirts now is the time to do something about it. What would you like to see? For an example of what some of their other shirts look like click here. Give us your ideas.