Dallas Stars Texas Flag Shirts Are In, Link Inside

These are pretty awesome. You should buy one.

The Texas flag shirts are now in. They look pretty sharp. If you click anywhere in this underlined text it will take you to the purchase page.

We'll drop a little snippet in stories going forward to make it very easy to find these should you want to. Any story you click on going forward should have an easily accessible, but not intrusive, way to purchase the shirt.

I love it myself. I'm about to go pick one up. They're 22 bucks plus shipping, but quality shirts worth wearing more than a few times are hard to come by - especially those that are actually Dallas Stars-themed. And, some of that does come our way which will allow us to hopefully do a few giveaways and other things if they sell well.

Like we said before, if these do well we'll do others. The number of ideas out there is fairly huge. We hope you like it. Thanks to BreakingT for working with us to get this right.