Defending Big D Postgame Vlog Episode 1: Dallas Stars Win 3-1

It's really fun to watch the Dallas Stars when they play an awesome third period.

[Ed. Note: This was scheduled to run Friday afternoon and then, well, everything happened. Our plan is to have these videos up the day after games whenever possible.]

Ladies and gentlemen, we are trying something new here at Defending Big D.

We are launching a new series, with inspiration from Steve Dangle, called the Defending Big D Vlog. The name may change in the future, but we're keeping it simple to start.

Thankfully the Dallas Stars defeated the Arizona Coyotes 3-1, so I didn't have a meltdown while filming this video this morning. That would not be a great start.

Feedback is highly encouraged. I am always open to suggestions, especially regarding the content delivery. But if you have any ideas you think I can execute, write them in the comments!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. Let's go Stars!