Dallas Stars Take Season Ticket Holders on Roller Coaster Ride

It was a lot more fun than the emotional roller coaster ride of last season for Dallas Stars fans.

Last year, the Dallas Stars started an annual season ticket holder event at Six Flags. You know, the place many people haven't been since childhood. That magical place where Mr. Freeze is likely to make you pee your pants. Where the Titan will lose your sunglasses. Where Superman while be the cause of your lost voice today. All of that and more, while surrounded by Dallas Stars players!

The event has been a big hit with season ticket holders, who enjoy the night in the park with the entire Dallas Stars team. Thankfully, in this age of social media, those of us unable to attend the event can at least live vicariously through photos and moving pictures!

I wonder how many people go to get autographs, how many go to ride roller coasters with players, and how many go just for the rides....

That's a lot of hats. Thankfully for humankind John Klingberg let that glorious blonde flow hang loose and unencumbered by petty head coverings. (Also he won't be one losing a favorite hat, so he's pretty smart too.)

Unconfirmed reports from sources state that having an outdoorsman-esque beard like Jordie Benn gives you an advantage at the Roll-A-Ball championships.

I'm sure this isn't on the same craz-o-matic scale as the Blackhawks annual event, but Patrick Sharp seems to be enjoying himself immensely among his new fan base.

Johnny Oduya obviously missed the memo on wearing his hat backwards, so he sticks out as the newbie here.

Jamie Benn is the only smart man in this photo (says the girl who couldn't be paid enough to get on that ride).

Colton Sceviour has some impressive artwork. This team likes their tattoos.

Starting to wonder if Jamie Benn has an aversion to roller coasters. He looks awfully pale.

That's one heck of a Movember advantage.

Realistic? Methinks maybe...