Traverse City Tournament: Open Thread

Let’s talk real live hockey! LIVE. HOCKEY.

We’ll use this thread throughout the Traverse City tournament to talk real live hockey for the first time this season. The Dallas Stars prospects open their schedule this afternoon versus the Minnesota Wild before playing the New York Rangers and Columbus Blue Jackets over the weekend.

Here’s the full schedule of games:

Schedule (all times CDT)

Friday, September 6 | 2:00 PM | Dallas Stars vs Minnesota Wild
Saturday, September 7 | 6:00 PM | New York Rangers vs Dallas Stars
Monday, September 9 | 1:00 PM | Dallas Stars vs Columbus Blue Jackets

Tuesday, September 10:

11:00 AM - 4th Lindsay vs 4th Howe (7th place game)
11:30 AM - 3rd Howe vs 3rd Lindsay (5th place game)
2:30 PM - 2nd Lindsay vs 2nd Howe (3rd place game)
4:00 PM - 1st Howe vs 1st Lindsay (championship game)

All games are reportedly being streamed on Fox Sports Go. If they’re like last season, it’ll be game play only (no commentary) but you’ll get to see real live hockey happening, and after a long offseason, that’s enough for most of us at this point. We are the person crawling through the desert that found a source of water to quench our thirst.