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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Playing with Fire

When looking at last night’s loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, it’s hard not to immediately point to the penalties. The Dallas Stars took eight of them, for a grand total of 23 across just four games this season.

That’s not a good figure, and when you put yourselves on the penalty kill so often, things will inevitably fall apart:

“We’ve got a smart group,” [head coach Pete] DeBoer said. “They know. They know you’re playing with fire. If you put a team on the power play five or six times, you’re playing with fire, regardless of how good your penalty kill is. You’re overtaxing people, people are sitting, watching, good players who don’t kill penalties for extended periods. Not a lot needs to be said. They know that.”

Usually when a team is heavily penalized in a game, fans will point at the referees and blame them for terrible calls. But while there were some questionable ones last night, DeBoer felt that, ultimately, it was his team’s responsibility to avoid them:

“We deserved most of them,” DeBoer said. “There were a couple I was disappointed in… but we can’t put ourselves in position to even have questionable calls go against you.”

You can read more from Saad Yousuf here.

Stars Stories

If you’re looking for a positive takeaway from last night, Kelly Forbes is still the best in the business:

In off-ice news, the Dallas Stars (and the NHL as a whole) have revealed their new reverse retro jersey:

Around the League

Speaking of which, was last night’s game a match between the two teams with the worst new jerseys?

Greg Wyshynsk takes a look at which early season storylines are overreactions and which ones might have merit:

In a similar vein, here’s some early fantasy hockey takeaways for the season:

Well this is… unexpected:

Finally, Anaheim Ducks general manager Pat Verbeek talks John Klingberg, the rebuild, and more: