Dallas Stars Daily Links: Texas Stars Coach Willie Desjardins to Interview for NHL Positions

In which trade rumors are all we have left!

Welp. We all knew it was going to happen, but now it's actually happening. Texas Stars' coach Willie Desjardins, the guy who coached them to a Calder Cup earlier this week, had a phone interview with the Pittsburgh Penguins yesterday and is expected to travel there. Interesting, since in this article from Wednesday, he wasn't even mentioned as one of the finalists for the vacant Pittsburgh position. Instead his name was as a candidate for the Vancouver Canucks.

And here we were thinking all the trade rumors/free agent signings involved players! Now we have another one to keep an eye on. Is it wrong of me to hope he doesn't get offered any of these positions and stays in Cedar Park? Probably. But I can't help it. Jim Nill though is much more encouraging.

"I believe you want to allow your people to advance, because it's good for the entire organization. You want your players to advance to the NHL, and you want your coaches and trainers or managers to advance." [Sports Day DFW]

Of course. You're exactly right Jim. But still...

* * *

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