Dallas Stars Daily Links: Is Dallas Wasting Some Stellar Goaltending?

The answer is somewhere between “maybe” and “definitely.” Plus, is it time to panic in Columbus, Quinn Hughes makes the jump to the NHL, and more.

The Dallas Stars have one of — if not the — best goaltender tandems in the NHL with Ben Bishop and Anton Khudobin. Yet due to a serious lack of scoring, the Stars still sit on the playoff bubble. So the question is: are the Stars wasting a stellar season from their goaltending duo?

On one hand, duh — of course they are. I mean, did you watch that game against the Chicago Blackhawks?

The fact the Stars allowed that goal and weren’t able to come back and tie the game in the ensuing 40 minutes is frustrating. It calls into light all of the things that have been a problem with this team this season... fans likely exited with doubts that this team can make the playoffs or do anything in the postseason when they get there.

But then again, goaltending is what steals a team wins come playoff time. Every year, there is some unlucky team that gets upset just because they ran into a hot goaltender. It’s why the “best” team doesn’t always win the Stanley Cup, and why the Stars might actually have a chance at a deep postseason run:

“It’s a really big positive to have that. It keeps us in the games at this time of the year. I think goaltending is the most important thing in having a good team, and we have that,” said winger Andrew Cogliano.

You can read more from Mike Heika here.

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Speaking of the Chicago game, do you want to re-live it? Of course not, but here you go anyway!

Looks like Justin Dowling is going to be playing hockey in Texas for a little while longer:

Around the League

Good news, everyone: Jack Eichel won’t be in the lineup for the Buffalo Sabres tomorrow:

More good news: at least you’re not a Columbus Blue Jackets fan:

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I would want to face the Vegas Golden Knights in the playoffs right now...

This is, umm, a thing:

Finally, now that Michigan’s hockey season is over, Quinn Hughes has signed his ELC with the Vancouver Canucks. I think it’s just so he can say he played in a NHL game before his younger brother...