Dallas Stars Daily Links: Recent Slump Is Like Your "Awkward Teen Years," Says Josh Bogorad

The Stars will (hopefully) grow out of their current phase. Plus, Dallas recalled Esa Lindell, and a look at home attendance around the league.

No matter how cool you pretend to be now, it's a pretty safe bet there's a least one really awkward phase of your life you're trying to pretend never happened. (Completely unrelated note: Do not give your child bangs, round Harry Potter-style glasses, and overalls all at the same time.) But no matter how awful that phase might have been, you eventually grew out of it. And that, Josh Bogorad thinks, is what the Stars are dealing with: their awkward years.

Starting strong does not preclude you from getting permanently derailed. If you right the ship, a slump becomes a footnote. If you don't, it could become the story of your season. Fans who followed the Stars back in 2011 know all too well that harsh reality.

Slumps are like your awkward teen years. Nobody wants to go through them, but everybody does. It's how you come out of it that really dictates who you become. And let's face it, some do it better than others.

Still, there's no need to start really panicking. Not yet, at least. The team's strong start gives them a nice cushion while they try to figure out a way to get back on track.

In prior years, the Stars haven't had the collateral to pay for such a stretch. And it cost them. This year they do. But they just spent a good portion of it, and the rest of the league is not letting up. A once enormous lead in the Central Division has disappeared. Other teams in the West are closing in as well.

Sometimes a setback can provide renewed motivation. And it's easier to learn from a loss than a win. In a long season, teams go through ups and downs together and how they respond to both determines what type of future they inherit. The stretch that the Stars just went through could wind up being instrumental to this season - for better or worse.

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Tonight, the Stars are back in action with a 9:30 p.m. game against the Kings. Everyone still has to say up for the whole game. Sorry. I don't make the rules. [Stars Inside Edge]

In case you missed yesterday's biggest news, the Stars placed Jordie Benn on IR and recalled Esa Lindell. Mike Heika talks about why the team made the decision to bring Lindell up. [SportsDayDFW]

Everyone had nice things to say about Lindell.

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From Gary Bettman to Mike Babcock, a look at 25 people who wield impressive power over the NHL. A familiar face also earns a spot on the Watch List.

4. Tom Gaglardi The owner of the Dallas Stars. He has assembled a fantastic hockey front office with Jim Lites and Jim Nill in the lead, giving them enough cash to rebuild a once bankrupt team. The Stars are a team and business making a huge difference in Texas.

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