Dallas Stars Daily Links: I Can Hear Music (At Every Stars Game)

The Stars in-house playlist story is what’s known in the business as an evergreen. Plus, big noise in Winnipeg, the state of the wild-card races, and more.

The Dallas Stars have one of the league’s most acclaimed music directors creating their in-arena atmosphere. And their locker-room playlist has been a story ever since Vernon Fiddler made Shania Twain their playoffs muse. The Stars and their tunes are a story fans love, and Sean Shapiro of The Athletic DFW revisited it for his most recent roundup.

Next time you go to a home game, go early. There’s a celebrity DJ coordinating the set – and no, it isn’t Grubes:

[Stars DJ Michael] Gruber used to pick the songs and mix during warmups, but during the 2015-16 season Tyler Seguin asked if he could have a say in the pre-game selections. It was a duty that Gruber gladly passed onto Seguin and the Stars center essentially outsources the responsibility to a pair of friends who are DJs: Dallas’ own Zillamatic as well as Dzeko, a Toronto-based artist Seguin went to high school with.

“I usually flip between them and it keeps the boys happy,” Seguin said. “I’d actually like to hear our volume louder in our own rink, it’s too low. It drives me crazy, it has for six years, that they won’t turn it up more. I’d like that (to) go up.”

You may already know that Segs is into the music scene – but you may be surprised to learn about Blake Comeau’s hidden talents:

“(Comeau) is the best DJ I’ve ever played with,” Ben Lovejoy said. “And I’m not saying that because of my time here. I played with him in Pittsburgh, he’s got a reputation. He’s very good at it. I’m a huge 90s rap guy and he mixes that in enough that I am happy.”

Sean also has some additional context on the business case for the Cotton Bowl Winter Classic:

There is a large youth tournament in the works centered around Jan. 1, with teams coming from across the United States to play in the various community rinks the Stars have helped build across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. There is a belief that many of those participants and their families will also buy tickets to the Winter Classic.

There’s much more under the paywall. [The Athletic DFW]

Stars Stuff

From the road record to the now-broken Curse of Manitoba, Mark Stepneski picks the big moments from last night’s 5-2 victory over the Winnipeg Jets.

It’s big goalie news day! Ben Bishop hit a career milestone with last night’s win.

And Jake Oettinger is the newest first-rounder to sign his ELC with the Stars.

Around The League(s)

#Murder Was The Case

  • The St. Louis Blues stayed in the Central Division’s race to the top with a 3-1 victory over the Vegas Golden Knights. [St. Louis Game Time]
  • And the Nashville Predators punched their ticket with a 1-0 shutout of the Minnesota Wild. [On The Forecheck]/

By clinching their Stanley Cup playoffs spot, the Perds also helped the Stars shore up their own berth:

Jared Clinton examines the state of the wild-card races.

And Greg Wyshynski delves into the state of NHL player suspensions.

Greetings From Scenic Cedar Park

The Texas Stars lost some ground in the Calder Cup playoffs race with a 3-2 loss to the Grand Rapids Griffins.

Quick update on a small child who appeared to be hit by a glass pane knocked loose by a Dylan McIlrath check:


Wysh gets the last word after last night. Enjoy.