Dallas Stars Daily Links: What If The Stars Trade Anton Khudobin?

He’s one of the league’s most valuable backups, but he’s not untouchable, says Matthew DeFranks. Plus, another non-call, another Stanley Cup controversy, and more.

The Dallas Stars’ offseason is starting to pick up. With yesterday’s new contracts for Roman Polak and Mattias Janmark, there’s even more conversation fodder about the extensions, and trades, the team could make over the summer.

The Dallas Morning News’ Matthew DeFranks is still holding regular live chats. In the latest, he tackled questions about the Stars’ elite goalie tandem – including one about whether the Stars will trade the guy who helped make the 2019 playoffs possible:

As much of a cop-out as this is, it depends what the return is. Anton Khudobin is not untouchable. He’s a backup goalie that makes $2.5 million for one more season until free agency. He is probably one of the more valuable backups in the league not only because of his performance but also Ben Bishop’s injury history. But if there is a deal out there (and I don’t know if there is) that helps the Stars down the road, it’s worth listening to at the very, very least.

He also addressed the question of picking up a major UFA in free agency (outlook: not likely):

They can probably pick up one high-priced target, whether that’s on the free agent market or the trade market. They have $16.4 million in cap space right now, and about $6 million will go to the bare minimum of qualifying RFAs like Jason Dickinson, Janmark, Brett Ritchie and Julius Honka, and that could total closer to $8 or 9 million. Add in a $6 million investment in a player like Mats Zuccarello or similarly-price player, and there is not cap space to chase another whale.

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