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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Does Denis Gurianov Have A Future With The Stars?

Dallas Stars fans do love their discourse, and the discourse surrounding Denis Gurianov and his place in the lineup are different only in kind from those that have gone before.

The 24-year-old forward’s game has become something of a Rorschach test – and how you perceive his value depends on whether you focus on his strengths or weaknesses, writes The Dallas Morning News’ Matthew DeFranks.

DeFranks emptied his mailbag and notebook a recent post, in which Gurianov took top billing:

If you want to see the offensive firepower, it’s there for you to see. If you want to see the costly mistakes, they’re there for you to see. It’s just a matter of how much offense can outweigh the defense. Or, in [head coach Rick] Bowness’ case, how much defense he can stomach for the offensive production….

“I had the conversation with him a couple days ago, this is why,” Bowness said Saturday. “He knows, he gets it. You guys aren’t seeing what we see and I understand that. But, he gets it. He knows the issues that we’re having. Listen, we want him playing. It’s not an easy decision to take him out, but sometimes it’s good to clear the head a little bit and go out and play again.”

While Gurianov might appear to be offer-sheet bait, DeFranks doubts it will happen, because the Stars probably have a better alternative:

If we step away from the offer sheet fantasy world for a second, the Stars have two options with Gurianov: Sign him or trade him. He has undoubtedly been a frustrating player for the Stars to manage in his career, but selling this summer could be selling low when the alternative is signing him to another reasonable contract.

The Stars have played this game with former first-round picks. They bought out Valeri Nichushkin before the final year of his deal in Dallas. He’s blossomed into a two-way force with Colorado in the last three seasons. [Julius] Honka’s situation played itself out. This summer could be a crossroads for Gurianov and the organization.

Matt has more. [SportsDayDFW]

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